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The more you give benefits to others, the more you do good to yourself
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All my life I have been searching for this being which the world is calling out to, mainly in their pain and sorrow. Some call Him the higher power, some calls Him God. Is it really possible to know God?
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Message of the Week

Realization of God and my Relationships with Him

Is it really possible to know God?
All my life I have been searching for this being which the world is calling out to, mainly in their pain and sorrow. Some call Him the higher power, some calls Him God.

In this search, I ask myself which is most important to find myself or God. You would agree that both are important, finding Self and finding God.

In my early search, I was thought that this being lives within me and is omnipresent. I questioned this, based on the fact that this being is good, this being is pure and perfect, if this is true as I look around the world there is very little good very little purity as well as perfection and so much peacelessness.

My perception of the first lesson in the scriptures, Gen 2 -7 that I am a soul, changes the perception of myself. My awareness of soul a point of light changed my perception of not only my self but others in human costumes. To know the Self is to experience the Self. Whatever was not understood, of the Self, death, what happens after death, why do good people suffer too (karma), came together with the understanding of Self the Soul.

The understanding of Self through the practice of silence brings me to the feeling of the eternal being, which brings me to the awareness, that I am an eternal being listening through this physical ears, seeing through these physical eyes expressing through this physical body makes it easier to have a relationship with the Being called God.

Who is God? God is described as the Supreme soul. Who never takes a body of His own, gross or subtle, nether human nor angelic. Thus he is never subject to the dualities of birth and pleasure pain success and failure; He is beyond the effect of action. He is the Supreme amongst all Souls. Is infinitesimal just is. In term of Soul He is the same, just a being Supreme in qualities, in terms of Peace, love, truth, purity, joy, benevolence, compassion. Praise of God is beyond each of us. The name Supreme then, is because of the attributes of the Divine. For the human being change is normal, change takes place in the Soul, in body, in nature all forms of life goes through change. But the being who we describe as the Supreme Father, (God) is the one being who is forever the same absolute, stable, no change takes place.

It is fantastic for us as we go through our changes of happiness and sorrow, of victory and defeat, there comes a time when we need to be transformed, who can help us? Who can restore us, only the being who is constant, who does not go through the cycle of life and death. Of pain and sorrow, of victory and defeat, He only can give me what I want forever.

With the realization of I the soul, a being, and God the Supreme,
I therefore must transcend the physical; I must become aware that I am the soul sitting here, in the body of flesh. I am seeking transformation; my effort is to go beyond this consciousness of matter. Beyond to the place of infinity, of silence, which is my home the home of all souls the home of the Supreme Father. With the basis of this understanding I make a good connection with the Supreme.

Where is God?

My mind spins with these questions. The questions arise and the door of my mind opens and I moved through it. I am able to come to a deeper understanding... In soul consciousness all my questions are answered.

In soul consciousness I am in the awareness and this awareness causes the consciousness of the body to melt, I am now a being of light. I am able to come to the awareness of the Supreme, the being of light.

No human form, no angelic form, no physical form or subtle form, just a being of light
This is powerful; a point can make a contact with a point. It is absolute and intense, connection. The point of the Supreme, transfixed to the point that I am. This is what is called communion, union, or yoga or remembrance, to join together to connect together. This is what yoga means, this is what I am doing. In the yoga of the soul with the Supreme Soul I am allowing my mind to connect through the most subtle, the most powerful instrument and that is the energy of the mind. The question then is how far away is God? Although beyond he is just a thought away. It takes one thought to make contact. Which is true in other relationships; think one thought and the person appear in front of you.

The connection with human however is physical, but the connection with God is through the power of thought. Our feelings connect us with each other. The same is with the divine. My feeling allows me to experience Godís feelings. Through the connection of Mind and feelings I connect with God. Before I can send my thought to God I need to have information. Basic facts are if you donít know where someone is you can search until you reach them.

The real connection is when you know where they are. You know were to direct your mind. When I understand where the Supreme Being is, when I allow my consciousness to go to the location, I can go there in a minute.

We have been told God is everywhere present all around. (Psalm 139 David asks whether I can go from his presence. In the 6th verse he said only this Being called God has the whole knowledge and the following verse says the knowledge of God was too high at that time he could not take it) If God is everywhere present have we made contact with Him? Have we seen the benefit of that relationship? Has the world become a better place? God is our parent; we can call Him Mother and Father. The Father concept is we are a family. There is first the mother, then the father. The first connection is with the Mother. Then the Father. It is through the mother that the child recognizes the father. We are told God is mother the practical benefit is, there should peace, joy, which is our birthright. Something is missing. If God is omnipresent, Omnipresent is a wonderful theory, but where is the practicality in the world right now. If He is everywhere then in reality, even in this awareness, there is nothing practical. If he is every where then there should be no sin in the world. If he is a God of love, then there should be no partiality between His children, if he is everywhere present, then there should be no fluctuation of the souls. At this time I find the idea of omnipresent very difficult to accept, it does not fit. I donít feel it I donít see it. In the opening prayer we pray, God within God without. It is time to try something else. Let us try the concept of the being who is the Supreme. The land that is beyond. The place which is light. As a being of light I visualize the Supreme. I exercise and take my mind beyond that place of light. With my mind I let my thoughts connect with the Supreme and experience the relationship.

Relationship with the Supreme.

The Supreme Mother, what are the qualities of the Mother? The perfect mother. She gives birth to me, she calms my restlessness, she makes me peaceful, and she is loving, kind, caring.

Let us ask ourselves what is the highest potential of the Soul? It is peace, which nothing can destroy, a joy which is not dependant on people and circumstances, a state of wisdom which is not influence by Medias, and people.

The Soul is capable of anything when it reaches out to the Supreme mother and the warmth of its love. Who accepts me without conditions? my Supreme Mother. In the acceptance of God as the Mother, the soul feels totally protected totally secured. Nothing of any harm can come to it. Absolutely carefree in this awareness it continues to express the love of a child and Mother. The soul continues to feel and continues to seek the Father who gives power and strength and the gift of the inheritance, happiness that no one can take away. Let us experiment with the concept of God the mother the Father and the impact it has on the Soul. See what it is like to have this relationship when there is distress and there is no one there to help us when we need help , who do I turn to (Ps. 27 says when all forsake me then my God will lift me up). When situation confronts us, we first dial our bi-logical Father or Mother? Or a friend? This requires a cell phone. I donít need a cell phone at this time all I need is the consciousness of I the soul and connect with the Supreme. The Mother the Father the Teacher, who has the answer to all questions about life, the challenges and the future. As I study I discover the answers that God gives are the ones that are complete and truthful. I am not there yet, but it makes me feel complete.

The Teacher knows all the secrets, he helps me understand things. God reveals what seems not to be possible sometimes. He help me get accustomed to it, this sometimes takes time.

The Supreme Teacher is patient. He brings me to the dimension of the things I have not yet understood. Patience must be accessed. I must not react to it. He helps me to arrive at attainment. The degree to be attained is the degree of perfection. How quietly I move along the path is all up to me?

Another relationship God my Friend, who is ever available. He gives me what I want I have to be loyal and faithful. Thatís all he wants. All level connects with God. The one who leads me to liberation and salvation. How to navigate, how to jump the obstruction, I do not know, He helps me to travel the path. I do not know but I hold on to his promises and it becomes not possible but easy.

He is the transmitter. He transmits the love the truth, the peace. In soul consciousness, you can receive from the transmitter but the receptor must be aware. The awareness is all that is required.